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Community giving

We give back together!

As many know by now, Cyannatypes is my creative project ignited by my walking practice, and moreover my tool to raise money for the causes about which I care. 

Every step counts! One year, one cause!

Since I started this project in 2018, I've been supporting nonprofit organizations with 50% of my annual revenue.

Josep Carreras Laeukaemia Foundation
716 EUR
Las Fotos Project
850 USD
2020 A Bao A Qu 486 EUR

During 2020 I've partnership with A Bao A Qu, a non-profit cultural organization from Barcelona devoted to the conception and development of projects that link art and education.

Over the past 15 years, A Bao A Qu has promoted settings of shared creation between artists and young people from diverse social and geographic backgrounds.


Can you support Cyannatypes and its annual campaign without buying a print?

Sure you can! I have launched a Patreon platform where you can pledge to the tier of your choice (monthly donation of 1€, 3 €, 5€ or 10€) and help keep this project alive!

To thank your kind support, and depending on the tier, you will receive Notebooks, Tote Bags and Limited-edition Prints, only for Patrons!

Become a Patron TODAY!